Once upon a time QuickBooks was great for your business. It kept track of everything you needed to track, and at the end of the year it was easy to submit your taxes. Then you grew, and then you grew some more.

Need more flexibility, need more power

At a certain point QuickBooks was no longer flexible enough or powerful enough to keep track of everything – and that is when the problems started. The signs are common: Customers orders are delayed. Inventory counts are inaccurate. Quality data isn’t stored properly. Spreadsheets are used to track certain info… the list is typical. These are all signs that you are probably growing beyond QuickBooks.

Need to out-maneuver the competition

There is another reason businesses move beyond QuickBooks. It usually starts with the owner saying “wouldn’t it be great if our computer system could also help us….” do something. You know, that thing that your competition isn’t very good at. The thing that would improve your revenue, your performance, your company morale. This is the other reason that companies move beyond QuickBooks – they want to out-perform the competition, and technology can help them do that.


Next Steps

  • Figure out what you need from a new system and prioritize it
  • The implementation vendor will account for over 50% of the project success or failure. Figure out the strengths and weaknesses of each team.

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