There are more software choices available than ever before, but we need 2 things:

  1. assurance the info we are given is reliable
  2. enough time to get through all the info

This is the most frequent reason people work with us. We help you choose which vendors will demonstrate their product, and help you filter the results of the demos that you see. We also ask critical questions during the demonstrations to make sure the demo is matching the requirements that you have.

First Round – Broad Sweep

We first do a ‘broad sweep’ of potential vendors based on your requirements. Not all of them will give demos, but you will have an idea of how many potential vendors there are, and some of the trends and differences in style across the solutions.

Second Round – Demo

We take a subset of solutions from our first round and approach them to provide demonstrations. We work with you to provide requirements that the vendors must meet when they give the demo.


We use a combination of our methodologies and our previous experience to provide guidance to you to evaluate your alternatives. Disclaimer: It is easy to identify useful features. It is more difficult to identify which teams are better suited to your particular type of implementation. Many of the larger systems in particular have far more features than you will ever use… it is the people that set up the system and train your people that will make the difference.


Next Steps

  • Create a pool of potential candidates to see trends and differences
  • Have a few of these demonstrate their solution
  • Evaluate the options in an unbiased fashion, understanding the ramifications that the vendor team will have on the outcome, rather than evaluating a solution solely on features.

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