You’ve decided you need a new system – or at least a new project to redefine the old system. First typical step: Needs Assessment.

What It Is

First we define where you need to be. Future reality. Next we define where you are now, and what the roadblocks are. Once we define where you are, and where you want to be, we build a map to make that happen. This is technically the Needs Analysis.

Priorities, Priorities

IT projects are a matter of prioritization. There are always more things that are ‘nice to have’, but rarely can they all make the list of what will be implemented. Some things also take more work than others. We help you classify your needs in terms of priority as well as complexity.

Next Steps

  • Use our specific methods to create the requirements for the future system from the appropriate mix of stakeholders.
  • Use another set of methods to prioritize what is focused on and what is left for “Phase 2”. This is based on importance as well as complexity.

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