Unbiased ERP and CRM Software Selection, Project Management

Toolkit will be shipped in CD format

For those companies that either

1. Have in-house expertise and do not require full services, or

2. Are not in a position to allocate financial resources for full services


The ERP Software Selection Toolkit provides video tutorials as well as MS Excel and Word Templates to guide yourself through the selection process.

Please refer to toolkit overview and pricing to learn more about contents and pricing. Contact us to learn more about the Toolkit.

Software Selection Toolkit Overview
Click to download Software Selection Toolkit Overview and Pricing

UPDATE: We are looking for candidates to Beta Test the next version of our toolkit. The price will be the same as the previous version ($250 and $350 respectively), but you will have access to our consulting team and receive their advice and guidance as you test the new version of the toolkit.

What we get: active feedback on a few live projects so that we can improve the toolkit.
What you get: up to 3 hours each week of consulting time as you go through the software selection process and test the toolkit (maximum 4 months duration).

Is there any drawback in being a beta tester for the new toolkit: The one drawback is that the new toolkit will not have video tutorials available until the beta testing is complete. Instead, you have direct phone access to our team to make up for this and personalize your experience.

Toolkit will be shipped in CD format