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Business Processes

When software isn’t the problem

Its true – sometimes software isn’t the problem. Sometimes all that is needed is to re-examine original purposes, assumptions and methods… the reasons behind using software. An enterprise system is meant to enhance visibility, consistency and reliability of business practices… so if those very practices are what need revising, it is unnecessary to change the software.

How to Improve Success

We have seen many custom software projects that use ‘programming’ to circumvent good business practices. It is true that customizable software can satisfy almost any procedural requirement… but many times this approach hides a deeper problem in the logic and intent of the business processes themselves. It is helpful to reexamine the purposes for core business processes and see if the processes you have in place are still serving those purposes – or perhaps the purposes have changed.

 What We Provide

Success ERP business analysts work with you to validate that your core business functions and purposes are supported by your current business processes. We examine and qualify key performance indicators (KPI) and how they are used to make decisions. We will advise you whether your business processes and KPIs align with industry best practices and educate you why those best practices exist.


KPIs will provide measurable and meaningful feedback to the management team

You will spend less money focusing on processes that do not contribute to the organization’s health

Overall operational efficiency will increase, generally resulting in higher profit

Bottom Line To You

Your organization will become more efficient. Your management team will focus on KPIs that are known and measurable. Progress will be trackable and meaningful. Ultimately this results in better use of time and money.




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