The Sales and Marketing Connection

Organizations that do not see the connection between Sales and Marketing get surprised… a lot. They either fail to reach revenue targets, or reach them and have no idea how to repeat this. Some organizations see Sales and Marketing as two separate functions. In reality they are both part of the the efforts involved in the ‘Pipeline’ or ‘Funnel’ that monitors business as it comes to your company.

How to Improve Success

Understanding how to create a plan that organizes both Sales and Marketing will give you a much higher likelihood of predictable revenue. Sales owns the revenue targets, but Marketings owns lead generation. Since the revenue generated by Sales originates from these Marketing leads, it makes sense to plan them together.

 What We Provide

Success ERP will build a Sales & Marketing plan with you that will be your working plan throughout the year to show you if you assumptions were correct and indicate how to correct them as time progresses.


You will know how much additional effort is needed to achieve revenue targets

You will learn what your best marketing opportunities are

You will see what is required to scale the company’s revenue in the future

Bottom Line To You

Revenue forecasting should be as predictable as possible. These tools will show you if your Marketing efforts are likely to yield your desired Sales results.

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